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St.Wilfrids Catholic School,


Our main Award Scheme is the nationally recognised Amateur Swimming Association Scheme, occasionally we also follow the Royal Life saving Scheme and The Swimming Teachers Association Awards. Distance, skills, strokes, waterskills, diving, safety, synchro are just a few of the areas covered.

Currently we are working along the National Swim levels and Stages schemes. The children are always striving towards the next swimming level, warm ups at the beginning and contrasts at the end of the lessons will focus on skills, where as the main content of the lesson will focus on strokes.

Annually we do ‘the Big Swim’, children who can swim 200m plus are invited to try and complete further distance, up to 2000m

If your child is a Brownie, Guide or Scout and wants to do the badges or wants to complete a sponsored charity event we will be very pleased to accommodate. Awards files are available to order and children love to have badges sewn to their towels.


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