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Duckling Awards

Duckling Award 1 Duckling Award 2 Duckling Award 3 Duckling Award 4 Duckling Award 5

The Duckling Awards are designed to help babies and toddlers enjoy learning to swim with help from parents or guardians.

Your child can work towards five grades of colourful awards, each with its own certificate and badge. Each badge contains pictures of yellow ducklings depending on grade of award. The Duckling 1 badge has one duckling, while the Duckling 5 badge has five ducklings.

Buoyancy aids, such as armbands, can be used for the first four grades as the child learns to float and gets used to the water. The fifth and final grade has young swimmers jumping into the water, submerging, and floating and swimming five metres without aids.

Awards are available in English or Welsh and are pre-stage 1 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework.

Duckling pic