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National Swim Awards Level 1-12

There are 12 National Swim Awards in total, two for each of the six Development Phases of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (1997 edition). In order to provide the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, swimmers should be taught all ten of the tasks relevant to each award, but are only required to pass eight. Water confidence, continuous assessment and effective stroke technique are integral parts of achieving this range of awards.

Award Level 1national-swim-level-1Award Level 2national-swim-level-1Award Level 3national-swim-level-1Award Level 4national-swim-level-1
Award Level 5national-swim-level-1Award Level 6national-swim-level-1Award Level 7national-swim-level-1Award Level 8national-swim-level-1
Award Level 9national-swim-level-9Award Level 10national-swim-level-1Award Level 11national-swim-level-1Award Level 12national-swim-level-1