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St.Wilfrids Catholic School,

National Swim Awards Level 3


Jump into the water (min depth 0.9m) from the side with confidence and without support. Stand with face in the water – breathe to side (repeat 6 times consecutively)
Submerge to kneel on the pool floor. Stand with face in the water – breathe to front (repeat 6 times consecutively)
Submerge completely for 5 seconds. Kick 5 metres on front using a breaststroke type kick, with feet turned out without a float
Lie flat on the front at the surface of the water without support for 5 seconds and regain the standing position. Kick 5 metres on back using an alternating action with legs long and toes pointed, held at side pointed hands held still at side
Stand with arms in the water stretched in front of the shoulders, demonstrate a figure of 8 sculling. Repeat 6 times consecutively. Using arms and legs travel 10 metres on the front
Stand with shoulders at the water surface, hands in front demonstrate a circular front crawl arm action.