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St.Wilfrids Catholic School,

National Swim Awards Level 4


Lie flat on the back at the surface of the water without support for 5 seconds and regain standing position Kick 5 metres, on front or back, using a dolphin undulating action with toes pointed
With eyes open pick up an object from the pool floor without hesitation and using both hands (min depth 0.9m)Kick 5 metres, on front, using an alternating action with legs long and toes pointed without use of hands
From a horizontal stretched position, face in the water, arms overhead in line with the body, turn through 180 degrees, travel 5 metres to the side without touching the pool bottom, then climb out. Stand with shoulders under the water, hands in front and demonstrate a small circular breaststroke action
From the wall, push off with two feet and hold streamlined glide on the front for 5 seconds Using arms and legs travel 10 metres on the back
Hold a tucked floating position for 10 seconds Standing upright demonstrate a circular back crawl arm action