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St.Wilfrids Catholic School,

National Swim Awards Level 5


3 different jumps entering feet first and showing control in flight and on landing (min depth 0.9m) Kick 10 metres using a front crawl leg action, without a float and with hands still
A mushroom float for 10 seconds Kick 10 metres using a breaststroke leg action, with or without a float
On the back and using two feet push from the wall into a streamlined position and hold stretched position arms overhead in line with the body for a minimum of 5 seconds Kick 10 metres using a back crawl let action, without a float, with arms extended overhead, hands together
In water of at least shoulder depth, tread water for 10 seconds Travel 5 metres on the front using legs and arms, roll, and continue for 5 metres on the back using legs and arms
Scull head first, on the back, for a distance of 5 metres